Main Parts-
1'X6" wood board
3/4" Plywood
Bubblegum dispenser toy holders
Windex bottle
interior from a Cobra Rattler
Gun turret from a Cobra HISS tank

As seen in the 1981adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This custom was done for the Good to go monthly custom challenge #02 - Indiana Jones. The plane took just under three weeks to make, and because of the rain we had in Jersey, I actually almost didn't make the contest deadline.
The Flying Wing was something I was SO hoping to see from Hasbro before they gave up the Indy line. But that was not to be. With the help of my father and nephew I was able to create my own (not perfect, but close enough for me). Also a big thanks to my wife who was very tolerable with this vehicle making our living room home while it was worked on.
Some features- Figures can be placed in the cockpit and gun turret. Also the propellers really turn.

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