25th RAM

Krylon Fusion Satin Black Spraypaint
Testor's Glosscoat and Dulcote

Decals from Cobra Stickers.com

I painted a Light Blue one to match my Badger and Blue H.I.S.S. Tanks... And immediately regretted not going with black. Of course I had another R.A.M. arrive in the mail the very next day and rectified this.

This is my favorite R.A.M. custom right now. The light blue one is pretty decent and has grown on me, once I stuck an Officer on it- But THIS is what I really wanted. All the H.I.S.S. stickers meant for the blue one got highjacked for this one. It's more reminiscent of the Black H.I.S.S. and F.A.N.G.s. This is what my Cobra Soldiers need to be riding around on during a battle. Let the Siegies have their bright red target. This is more stealthy. More lethal looking. I need to make one or two more in this color.

And it really cracks me up how I keep seeing the packaging for the Funskool STREETHAWK: THE MAN, THE MACHINE RAM repaint everytime I look at this.

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