All: Rise Of Cobra Snake Traxx

Krylon Fusion Satin Red and Black

Testors Dullcoat and Glosscote

A few Cobra Symbols from

It's time for bed. I've been up till 4 a.m. now, working on this thing. It's done. I know now how to do it better and faster next time. I'm sure it'll be great.

I've been waiting and waiting for the Ferret to be re-released... The Snake Traxxx shows up. Blah... I bought anyway to see what I could do with it and whether or not the cannon would pop off like the original.

After removing the Cannon, it was actually really easy to just hide the holes by covering the front one up with a decal, and just shoving the antenna into the hole in back. Some crazy glue didn't hurt either.

Now the Twins have an official Ferret of their own, in Crimson Guard Colors. They don't have to borrow a blue one any more.

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