Rise Of Cobra Snake Traxx

Two cans of Krylon Fusion Satin Black

Love this thing. This mold is awesome. I can believe it's even the same vehicle. The teal and dark rust brown colors it was originally molded in are just horrific. The giant cannon is awful. The new front piece with headlights and a winch molded on was a cool idea but it just takes away too much from this vehicle.

In addition to masking, painting everything black and then going over it in various coats both gloss and dull and after putting the decals on this and the Crimson Guard ATV, I also coated them again.

The decals are now entombed, trapped. They are going nowhere, they will never peel, never collect dirt or dust, nothing.

I like it.

This thing reminds of the Stinger alot now,or the Fang. It matches them both pretty well. Just in case actual "correct" blue ones do come out at some point, I'm going to refrain from making my own in dark blue. I need to do a light blue one to match my Officer's RAM and maybe a couple of white ones for Snow Serpents. Those will keep me busy for a while.

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