Unknown Tonka truck. Stock except the kit bashed mini gun made from a Thundermachine mini gun, the side gun from a 91' Locust and some mega blocks. Acrylic paints for the purple and black details and some decals stolden from a Thundermachine

Though he is an excellent pilot, Harold "Grimy" Grimes favorite mode of transportation is his customized 1987 GMC Sierra, the Thundercrusher; most effective at "opening doors"(making an opening where one did not previously exist); with heavy duty armor and a forward mounted mini gun, this truly is a MONSTER TRUCK!

I've had this toy for over 15 years, it was a great find at a second hand store because it fit my Joes perfectly and was bad a$$! After lugging it around with me through countless moves I finally gave it the full treatment and made it a true Joe custom; it was a natural fit for a Dreadnok type vehicle.

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