Hmmmm, let's see, here are some of the main elements- plexiglass, sheet styrene, nuts and bolts, wood, toy lawnmower wheels. Then many random bits to fill the interior- backpacks, guns, etc.

So I decided I wanted a Colonial Marines APC after picking up a RHINO and being a bit disappointed in how off it really is from the APC in ALIENS. It would have actually taken more work to mod the RHINO, so I'm going with a scratch built version.

I started this project on April 4th of 2010 with a 1/4" plexi base (Roughly 23 1/2" long and 6.5" wide) and finished on May 8th 2010.

I tried to stay as close as I could to the one seen in ALIENS. Mine is wider than the movie version: mainly because I wanted room inside. I figured as long as I kept key elements of the movie version this would/could work. The seat restraints actually work to hold figures in place.

Some basics: The top main gun sits on rails and can actually move back and forth on the rails and swivel 360 degrees. The main side door can move back and forth. The roof is attached with two hinges. And it stays open when in the up, or open, position. The chair for the computer section is on rails and also spins 360. The drivers seat spins 360. The side hatch door opens.
The total cost was somewhere around $250. And it took roughly 60 hours to complete. (This is based on what records I kept.)

This was one project I wish I could have added more pics of. I would have loved to have showed some of the early WIP ones.

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