PVC pipe
Trash can
Flower pots
Rattler parts
Random fodder parts

This is one of my latest projects that I have been working on. Its a cobra submarine/ u boat. I always thought that Cobra needed a good navy to fight the G.I. Joes' USS Flagg. I have always wanted a G.I. Joe scale submarine but never knew how to create one. I also wanted the submarine to have a classic world war 2 style u- boat feal to it. After watching the movie U-571 I knew exactly what I wanted. I even created the crew and designed them to look like old German sailors from that era mixed with a little Cobra.

After much planning and ideas I came up with something simple, cheap, yet effective. I knew I wanted the sub to be long enough to look like a sub yet still small enough to fit in my collection. Most of the material used is stuff you can find at a hardware store or Lowes or Home Depot.

The structure is about 4 1/2- 5 foot long and weighs about 15 pounds. As you can see the sub has many features including guns, missles, control room, torpedo room, engine room, turrets, opening hatches and doors, and a full custom made crew. the main side hatch that opens and closes to reveal the inside of the sub, was created using hinges and a magnet to keep it closed.

Cobra Submarine Class 1: SEA SERPENT
It is equipped with Cobra's most advanced weapon system to date. Several weapons including torpedoes, scud missiles, MARS sea to air missiles, 50 cal machine gun, anti aircraft turret, and a 20mm battleship gun. The ship is small enough to maneuver through the sea without being detected by G.I. Joe. Its quick and heavy. The hull is made from 5 inch thick armor plated steel, and yet has the firepower to devastate any navy. It also has some of the most advanced naval technology around. Equipped with anti sonar technology and stealth plated cover that make the sub invisible to any one who comes upon her. She also has a full crew, specially picked from the ranks of Cobra. These soldiers are veterans in the Cobra navy and have served the Cobra navy in several occupations including Eels, Hydro Vipers, and Sea Slugs. They are some of the toughest, smart, and well trained personnel for the job. When you put them all together in a 50 ton submarine armed with the greatest weapons in the world, the G.I. Joe navy should have something to worry about.

The Capt. said it best, "For the Sea Serpent it will be like shooting fish in a barrel"

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