Parts used;
-Full function RC with laser battle mode
-G.I. JOE 1982 MOBAT die-cast toy (off course)
-A little black paint
-Lots of patience

-Main battle tank

-Heavy armor

What can I say about this one. One of the smallest RC customs I have ever made. We all know the story of the MOBAT, and in an effort not to plagiarize I won't even try to give a bio. I will say I built this one for my Tyco train and battle set and G.I. JOE US 1 HWY set. I hope to one day be able to put them together and have one really good diorama. But what fun is a diorama with out some play time? So I figured, build a tank battle around the whole area. This is the first one of two I hope to build. The next one will be painted black and red, Cobra Sears exclusive colors.

The neat thing about these, besides the full function RC is the battle mode, when you press the fire button on the remote, the tank shoots infra-red light at the other tank and it even recoils with sound effects, score four hits and you disable your opponent's tank. The hardest thing about building this tank was placing all the electronics in a way that the functions would remain from the original RC.

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