Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

File Name: Classified (Walker, Eric David)

SN: Classified

Date Of Birth: Classified (3/10/1985)

Birthplace: Classified (Chico, California)

Languages: English (Mute)

Grade: E-5 (Sergeant)

Military Occupational Specialty: 18B Advanced Special Operator

Secondary MOS: 18C Engineer Sergeant (Demolitions)

Current Duty: 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta Fort Bragg, NC

All records regarding Snake Eyes have been sealed. Top secret security clearance required.

Raised in a close knit middle class family with his twin sister, Theresa, Eric always had a strong sense of duty and patriotism. He enlisted on his 17th birthday, prior to graduating high school, and left for Basic Combat Training in June of 2003.

Schools Attended:
Basic Combat Training
Advanced Individual Training
Basic Airborne Course
Ranger School
Secret Security Clearance
Ranger Assessment and Selection Program
Special Forces Qualification Course
Operator Training Course

2004-2010 Deployed to Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Battalion
2011-2013 Honorably Discharged (trained with the Arashikage Ninja Clan)
2014 Re-enlisted in the 3rd Special Forces Group
2015 Transitioned to Delta Force
2016-2019 Delta Force
2020 Selected for assignment to CIA/SOG code named GI Joe

Body: GI Joe miscellaneous Hasbro figure
Head: Hi Tech 1/6 Hasbro V vs. V
Hat: GI Joe USMC recruit Hasbro figure
Gi top: 1/6 Hasbro Snake Eyes
Wrist cuffs, Katana and scabbard (both shortened and painted): 1/6 Hasbro Storm Shadow
BDU Trousers, boots, grenades, Beretta/magazines, sunglasses, claymore pouch and smoke grenades: Soldiers of the World
Mini Uzi and holster: The Ultimate Soldier SF HALO Jumper uniform set
Body armor, chest rig, IFAK pouch, backpack, helmet, shemagh, knee pads, drop leg ammo pouch, claymores and dive knife: unknown
Miscellaneous electrical connectors used as explosives (pouch fillers)

Judge's Comments:
Robert - I was not expecting this one. I don't collect this size, or any Sideshow/Hot Toy figures, but this was a very fun change of pace and there's a level of authenticity and detail you can't beat when you are working at this scale. I loved seeing one of these customs get back to SE's roots and show him with a more modern origin/backstory. I loved reading the file card write up as much as seeing the figure. Without being more of a collector, I can't speak to the construction of the parts, but as a concept this just made me smile!

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