File Name: Kyrkos, Kostas

Birthplace: Alistrati, Greece

Of Mygal's gang, Scorpion is probably the most motivated and least controlled. His family have been smugglers for generations, and he was poised to take over the family business with his brother. A falling out between the two resulted in his brother's death (at who's hand is unknown, but Scorpion is at least indirectly responsible) and his father disowning Scorpion. After this he bounced around Europe and Africa as a gun for hire, eventually joining up with Mygal's group.

Scorpion isn't an angry person. He's a rash one. He often acts without any thought to the consequences of his actions, a trait that has burned countless bridges for him over the years. Mygal is savvy enough to know that not all situations warrant restraint or finesse and has managed to make effective use of Scorpion, warts and all. If anything his reputation as a loose-cannon helps Mygal, as the mere threat of turning Scorpion loose is often enough to achieve his goals.

Another Mygal guy. The original figures use of the Red Dog head and Flint torso gave him some character, but he's not terribly interesting. The colors work well I find though.

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