Skull Hawk
Skull Hawk

Skull Hawk


Filename: Barzel, Peter

Birthplace: Stuttgart, Germany

Skull Hawk rose through the ranks of both the German criminal underground and far-right movements with equal speed. Heavily involved with crime in order to fund a series of white supremacist groups he joined or founded, the most successful being the E.F.S. , or European Final Solution. He was severely burned during a riot started by an E.F.S. march when a Molotov Cocktail went awry. Since that incident he has refocused himself as a mercenary and behind the scenes muscle for hate groups knowing that he can no longer be effective as a public face for his cause. Despite his fervent white supremacist beliefs, he does not discriminate when it comes to his employers. He sees any potential funding for his cause as worthwhile at this point, though his beliefs will often put him at odds with clients.

Skull Hawk is little more than a racist thug, but he's extremely effective in his way. Skilled and smart enough to be a threat, but lacking the charisma to become the leader he believes he deserves to be. Despite this, he is looked up to as something of a hero among the most extreme of the European Far Right due to his willingness to commit extreme violence in service of his beliefs and his larger than life appearance. Rumors persist that the skull mask he wears was made from the remains of the first man he killed, though this is likely untrue.

The S.T.O.P. vs. S.C.U.M. figures that popped up at Dollar General a few years ago had a fun post-apocalyptic vibe. The bodies were atrocious though, and the figures suffered from poor quality and minimal paint. The headsculpts however were a lot better than the paint made them seem. Skull Hawk was an exception though, being just poor from head to toe. Despite that, his bio and concept really made him the pinnacle of the line for me. Mohawked German goth in a skull mask? Sign me up. He's the type of character you'd see taking a roundhouse kick in an 80s B-Movie and wonder why they hadn't made him the main villain. To that end, I gave him a custom gun inspired by Lord Humungus from Mad Max and a Mac-10 to keep with that 80s low budget vibe.

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