What we at JoeCustoms like a lot about the GI Joe line is the addition of cool characters into the GI Joe mythos. Characters that not only have slick designs but also have a ton of character behind them. We'd like to see what kind of creativity the community has to create some one-of-a-kind customs of new characters.


What can be submitted?

This contest is open to anybody who reads this. You do not need to be a member of the forum to enter, although you will need to be a member in order to vote on the forum (See Judging below). Custom entries must be a new character that fits into the existing GI Joe universe. It has to be linked to an existing allegiance (Joe, Cobra, Iron Grenadier, Dreadnok, etc.) It must be a entirely new custom that has not been shown before. The custom must be in the Modern (25th Anniversary, Rise of Cobra, or Pursuit of Cobra) figure style. Multiple customs can be submitted, but each custom must be entered separately. The pictures will be auto-resized so don't worry about dimensions. Please include in your submission email to the following:

  1. Custom Contest in the Subject line of the email,
  2. your screen name if you have one,
  3. your real name,
  4. up to 5 pictures of your custom photographed in front of a neutral (white, black, or gray) background,
  5. name, specialty, and affiliation of your character
  6. and a full biography of the character including background information written in the body text of your email.


We are trying to have the customs judged on their own merits, so please NO CHEERLEADING. If we discover you promoting your custom anywhere, you will be disqualified. These will remain anonymous, even to the judges, until the winners have been chosen.


There will be two rounds of judging. The first round will be by poll voting on the forum, open to any member of the board. Each member can vote for their top 3 favorites. The poll results will be visible as soon as you vote. The top ten customs will then move on to the second round. The second round of judging will be done privately by a panel of judges. The judge panel will be The Mike, Joeczar, General Hawk, nova, iwbeta, and Jin Saotome. If for some reason there is a tie, I will serve as the final vote tie breaker.

Customs will be judged on the following categories:

  1. Originality (character idea & overall design)
  2. Bio and back story
  3. Quality of Customization (sculpting, parts matching, etc.,)
  4. Quality of Paint & Finishing


Please submit your entry(ies) by email to by FEBRUARY 1, 2011. The poll for voting for the top 10 will begin the first day of our annual two week Custom Celebration to be held later in February. The winners will be announced at the end of the Custom Celebration.


1st place - Marauder Inc. gift card for $25, Joe Armory store credit for $25, 2010 CanJoeCon Comic, complete set of Trading Cards, 25th Anniversary Stinger Jeep, loose PoC HISS (no driver included), PoC TRU exclusive Spirit, PoC TRU exclusive Quick Kick, PoC Alley-Viper, RoC Kamakura, RoC White coat "The Doctor", RoC Nano-Viper, and a set (four) of Target Ross exclusive vehicles, Custom cardback and Custom Figure Sculpt Sheet of your custom created by Dream, and a Joemoticon created for the forum in your custom's likeness

2nd place - Marauder Inc. gift card for $15, Joe Armory store credit for $15, 2010 CanJoeCon Comic, complete set of Trading Cards, 25th Anniversary Wraith (regular version), 4 (four) original issue foil card 25th Ann. Cobra Troopers (silver sigils), Defense of Cobra Island (Cobra) 7 pack, GI Joe Convention exclusive poker playing cards

3rd place - Marauder Inc. gift card for $10, Joe Armory store credit for $10, 2010 CanJoeCon Comic, complete set of Trading Cards, foil carded Cobra Air Trooper, and Defense of Cobra Island (Cobra) 7 pack

Staff pick - DnJ Cobra beer mug, 2010 CanJoeCon Comic, a complete set of Trading Cards, TRU exclusive RoC Doc, TRU exclusive RoC arctic Shipwreck

Legal jargon

All submissions will be hosted on for as long as we see fit and may be used on marketing material for the site with due credit given. Submissions will be denied if they contain objectionable or offensive content that goes beyond our PG-13 rating we try to maintain for the site. If any issue arises that is not heretofore already outlined in the above rules I, pluv, as acting administrator, will have the final say about what action will be taken. Please email any questions or concerns before submitting an entry.

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