Crashing through the sky, comes a fearful cry, COBRA! COBRA! Armies of the night, evil taking flight! COBRA! COBRA!"

Cobra has taken to terrorizing the skies. Launching from a mysterious airship, the new and more powerful Cobra Air Corps is hijacking, terrorizing and destroying anything that flies in a bid to control all of Earth's airspace. The G.I. Joe team has been caught unprepared for this widespread and powerful onslaught. Can the Joe team counter Cobra's newfound air superiority? Or will the skies be forever Cobra blue?

"Fighting for freedom wherever there's trouble, over land and sea and air! G.I. Joe is there!"

Flesh out Cobra's new Air Corps and G.I. Joe's counter-assault team with new characters and vehicles or update and modernize old foes and weapons.


GI Joe

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